Panic Attack Treatment - CBT,Medications,Self-Help and programs

Panic Attack Treatment – CBT,Medications,Self-Help and programs

By on November 16, 2013

end panic attacksPanic attack treatment is available and in many ways,panic types can be scary and frustrating for you,You may feel like you are all alone in this and there is no way out,But luckily there is away out,More accurately the is more than one way,Panic attacks treatment branching out to several branches,but not all branches suits all cases of panic,Every case have it’s needs and the suitable way for it.Below you will learn about panic attacks treatment and what you can do as self-help to less you panic attacks ferocity.

First is The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or “CBT” :

This is the most effective way in my eyes after panic away program which will learn about later in this post,That Said by many psychiatrists,This kind of therapy sessions put the spot light on the thinking patterns,which triggers panic attacks,that will help you understand your fears more and see it for what it really is.

just say you stuck in traffic,and that type of situations can make you panic,Think of the worst thing can happen,you will not crash you car when you pull over,non of that will happen,many people pulling over every day and nothing bad happen to them,When you know that panic attacks will be less intense over time.

Medications :

Although it doesn’t end the problem totally,It can reduce or control the symptoms of panic disorder,It is not recommended to make meditations the only treatment you seek,It reach the highest level of its efficiency when combined with other methods,Like lifestyle changes and “CBT”.

Panic attacks and panic disorder medications forks into two branches the first one is :

Benzodiazepines : It is a very fast med it take from within 30 minutes to an hour to act,It is anti-anxiety meds,it is very helpful if you took it during a panic attacks,It will give you make the symptoms less intense and will subside faster.Be you should be warned,This is a very addictive drugs with a hard withdrawal symptoms and Should be used only Under your psychiatrist care.

Antidepressants : will be a matter of weeks before that kind of med do any move,For that you need to take them continuously,not only during a panic attacks like Benzodiazepines.

panic away program :

That program helped over 70,000 sufferer to end their panic attacks problem naturally,recommended by doctors and many celebrities,Panic Away approach panic and anxiety with unique way visit it’s website to know more about it,You can find the link to it below in the resources section,It the home page of panic away website,you will watch a video presentation,Explaining every thing you need to know about the program and how it can help you over come your panic and anxiety with it’s unique techniques.

Finally Self-Help :

The most effective treatment is looking for someone expert in panic and general anxiety,Learning from them how you can stop this mental illness,and try to apply what you learn in real life,that could be done by panic away program or with a psychiatrist.

You can in addition help yourself to speed things up and get better results,With some action when you master it you will help yourself in your way to stop panic.

1 – Learn more about panic,Know that there is nothing will harm your body when the attack occur,or knowing that you are not crazy and what is happening to you can be Stopped,will help you reduce the symptoms and make you feel better over time,you can find a link in the resources section,Visit it and you will be introduced to an article describes what is panic attacks.

2 – the most common symptoms during an attack is Hard breathing or tightness of the chest,By learning a good breathing techniques,you will cope more with the attack,making you feel calmer and give little chance for anxiety to have your mind.

3 – Quit smoking and caffeine,Check if your caffeine intake are high,Caffeine people could be at more risk to deal with this type of mental illness,So be safe and cut your intake of caffeine,and quit smoking it is the smart choose to do,Nothing more important than your health,Keep it your chest,stay safe.

4 – May favorite relaxation techniques,Stress is what brings anxiety and panic,when you learn how to relax more,you give yourself less chance to get stress,which will panic and anxiety reduce over time,Doing Yoga is one of the most effective ways to learn how to relax more.

Conclusion :

in this article,you read how panic can be treated with the good different ways,check with your psychiatrist,to see which way suits you,learn it and apply it,finally don’t forget to check the resources section for your link about panic away program,when you visit it you will learn every thing about how this awesome program can help you.

Resources :

1 – Panic Away Program Presentation

2 – Panic Attacks And Panic Disorder

Written by Ahmed